kellykat84 said: Started them 2 days ago... How long before I can wash them? What's the best no residue soap?

It’s different for everyone. I started washing them after a couple days, some wash them straight away and others wait a while. I’ve always used regular shampoo, but I just read great reviews of this and this for dreads.

Anonymous said: Are dreads a nuisance/awkward or just get in the way during sex?

Not really.

The only problem I have had is having to ask someone to pull your hair differently (don’t just grab it at the root because it hurts, but hold it like a rope and tug without excessive force).

So yeah, dreads and sex is fine.

Anonymous said: Hey:) I want to get dreads when my hair grows a little more. Where can I start them? I don't want the type of dread that you have to put wax on. I want like just the knot to be made with a knitting needle. Can you give me some options or anything? Don't tell me to go the salon, I'm from Mexico and here perople are not used to get dreads in a salon because they don´t even know how to do them.

You can find some great dreading videos on youtube, that’s where I learned how to make dreads :)

ronnysjournal said: I don't have a huge issue with people who shame me for not being super spiritual and having dreads. I am spiritual but people expect me to be some high priestess or something. I do get asked for a light, and weed a lot.

- anon

- anon

If you have them,
you know.

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